Mith (mithborien) wrote in expectocons,

Community ownership up for offer?

Okay, I honestly thought I had made some kind of post here saying something about a hiatus but I was horribly, horribly mistaken.

For anyone who wasn't aware (which is probably everyone) adb777 handed over ownership of this community to myself but because of the low participation rate I was going to give the community a break and then resurrect it again at some point. Obviously, that didn't happen and I apologise. I've been away from LJ myself due to school and work and I have just returned and am trying to clean up my journal a bit.

So that brings me to the main point of this post. Because I've drifted away from the HP fandom and I don't really have any interest in bringing this community back I am going to offer the ownership of this community to one of it's members. I know this comm is watched by a decent number of people and while I don't know how would still like to participate here, I figure I would see if anyone would like it.

So comments are screened and it's basically first come, first served. But if you have an interest in taking over this community, please leave a comment.

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